Monday, June 25, 2012

What is RTWP?

If you work with UMTS,'ve probably heard someone talk about RTWP. RTWP stands for Received Total Wideband Power. It represents a measure of UMTS technology: the total level of noise within the UMTS frequency band of any cell.

RTWP is related to uplink interference, and its monitoring helps control the call drops - mainly CS. It also has importance in the capacity management, as it provides information for the Congestion Control regarding Uplink Interference.

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Size:  14.0 KBIn UMTS, the uplink interference may vary due to several factors, such as the number of users in the cell, the Service, Connection Types and Conditions of Radio, etc..

As our goal is to always be as simple as possible, we will not delve in terms of formulas or concepts involved. We will then know the typical values, and know what must be done in case of problems.

Typical Values:

We know that RTWP can help us in checking the uplink interference, then we need to know its typical values.

In a network is not loaded, normal, acceptable RTWP Average value is generally around -104.5 and -105.5 dBm.

Values around -95 dBm indicate that the cell has some uplink interferers.

If the value is around -85 dBm, the situation is ugly, with strong uplink interferers.

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